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Winding Roads

Client Testimonials

These quotes are from real Edge Anxiety Treatment clients:

Dr. Shlachter is the most helpful, intelligent, and caring therapist I have ever seen. I have struggled with debilitating anxiety since I was a young child and I can truly say now, over 20 years later, I am no longer crippled by my anxiety and fears. Over the course of my therapy, Dr. Shlachter provided me with an endless amount of effective tools and insight to help me become less afraid of my feelings and emotions and instead to accept them. I didn't think it was possible to ever actually feel confident and actually trust myself with how I react to myself, my body, and my surroundings until I went through this therapy. I am forever grateful to Dr. Shlachter for helping me actually live my life instead of cower at home in fear. I have lived over 20 years in fear of myself and my own thoughts/body. I am proud to say I can now live freely and participate in both normal and thrilling activities without being debilitated by my phobias or anxiety."

Dr. Shlachter helped me make tremendous progress in my treatment. Exposure therapy can be scary, but she explained the process clearly and was very supportive. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to address their anxieties."

I have had multiple therapists for various anxiety related symptoms over the years. I sincerely have never felt so comfortable with a therapist than I do with Dr. Shlachter. She is caring, responsive, is an excellent diagnostician with appropriate therapy suggestions. I looked forward to every session I had with her because her methods were so concise and productive."

Dr. Jenna provides supportive and practical advice on dealing with chronic anxiety. She is an excellent therapist who cares about her clients and offers a variety of tools for short- and long-term work."


You are stronger than you think!

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